Resolution 010

Resolution 010

Happy 2010!

Finally holidays are done.

Start of the new year is perfect time for making big plans.  (That probably makes end of the year good time for big excuses).
So i will use this chance to give myself some sort of list of things i would like to do to improve my life.

So here it is, in random (or subconscious) order:

  • Become better parent and husband – family should always be on first place!
  • Become better software developer – read more programming and architecture books, read (good and bad) code, write (again good and bad) code, attend programming related conferences and training.
  • Launch my personal blog and write tech-tech related posts as often as possible (as you can see this has already started so I’m on my way)
  • Do more sports (it’s never enough!)
  • Develop and publicly release at least one Silverlight application (using whatever version it will reach during this year – 5, 6, 7?).  I have some interesting plans regarding this one so stay tuned…
  • And off course, last but not the least: world domination!

So that’s it for start. I promise to myself not to remove anything from this list – but i could add some ideas along the way…

so stay tuned and let the fun time begins!

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