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Video of my game Marbles for Windows 8

Hi all, here is 1 minute video of my game Marbles for Windows 8. Its recorded on my desktop machine and played using a mouse, but it works also with touch based devices, and you can even play with multiple hands at the same time, which opens some interesting multiplayer possibilities… Let me know if you have some ideas how to improve the gameplay, what power-ups i could add etc…

Solving Resolution Independent Rendering And 2D Camera Using Monogame

As i promised in my previous post where i announced my Windows 8 game Marbles, i will try to tackle some of the common problems that beginner game developers encounter. In this post i will jump ahead a little and talk about Resolution Independent Rendering using Monogame. What the heck is Resolution Independent Rendering? Well its fancy name for finding ways to not care about resolution during your game development. Idea is that you render always using fixed (internal) virtual resolution you choose and then simply stretch or shrink all that for the real resolution of the current device you Read More

Marbles game for Windows 8

Finally my first Windows 8 game called Marbles is finished and available in the Windows Store! That partially explains why i did not wrote any posts on this blog for almost a year 🙂 It’s been emotional! Seriously, it has been quite a journey. First i was learning XNA, then Monogame, and then game development in general. I always wanted to write a game (aren’t we all?) so finally i decided to really do it! At first i started very enthusiastically and tried building a 2d platformer game, and after solving most of technical problems like character and level rendering Read More