About Me

Roboblob is .NET C# Software Developer by his current choice,
yet just a human being by his original design (these two sides of him often collide, and the result of one of those collisions was creation of this Blog).
You can find Roboblob wandering the frontiers of cyberspace, consuming new technologies and software development related information, digesting it and then posting it back over his Twitter account or this blog. Sometimes he also creates usefull software. Some of Roboblob’s older open-source software projects are:

  • Lighthouse – Silverlight Unit Test Runner
  • Prism Navigation Framework – Simple but powerful Navigation Framework for Silverlight MVVM applications that are built with Prism
  • Parametero – Yet Another Console Arguments Parsing Library
  • Fluent DateTime – A set of (Ruby inspired) C# Extension Methods for easier and more natural DateTime handling and operations in .NET
  • StringDefs

He also blogs on some other cool places, for example here: