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Microsoft Silverlight 4 Certification, is it worth the ride?

Now some good news folks: I received the confirmation that I successfully passed the¬†Silverlight 4 Microsoft Certification. I was too busy to immediately brag about it and write a show-off post so I will here just quickly share my thoughts on how all this went before my brain moves these impressions to non-accessible-memory-banks-prepared-for-deletion. First of all I must admit that I was pretty sceptical about the whole certification thing. I’m not big fan of certifications in general and I find it a bit overrated – who cares about fancy printouts people are framing on their walls. You either know how…

Resolution 010

Finally holidays are done. Start of the new year is perfect time for making big plans. (That probably makes end of the year good time for big excuses). So i will use this chance to give myself some sort of list of things i would like to do to improve my life. RUNWTQ9H3JFE