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Using Offline Browser for Windows Phone as Instapaper client

Lets set some expectations here. We wont be adding new items to reading list or removing items or anything similar. We can use our desktop PC for that. Here we will just explain how to use Offline Browser for Windows Phone to get all those links from reading list via RSS feed and download them to the phone so we can read them whenever we want - even when we are offline.

Offline Browser for Windows Phone is released

  Here is some good news: finally my Windows Phone application Offline Browser is available for download in the Windows Phone Marketplace! Offline Web Browser? But who needs that? Well actually i do. To be honest app was created (as many other apps) in order ‘to scratch an itch‘. I’m an old information junkie and while traveling to work i like reading books and surfing the web, but often i don’t have internet connection or its very slow (for example when I’m in the subway). Although there are many excellent E-Book readers for Windows Phone (one of the best is…