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Silverlight 4 is over and out so ‘the dude abides’

Finally Visual Studio 2010 is out and so is the Silverlight 4. I got few complaints that my MVVM demo applications are not working properly for people that have the new Silverlight 4 runtime installed so i updated all the examples so they run properly. Also all solutions files with code are recompiled and checked in final version of VS 2010 so this should run fine now. Expect soon more MVVM goodness on this blog, and until then – just enjoy the spring!  😀

List of useful WordPress plugins to use on your Blog

Let’s face it, Blogging is fun. Why else would millions of people do it? Its creative, it allows you to speak out to the community, to receive feedback and criticism from people that share your interests or hobbies. On the other side, Blogging can be quite tedious activity if you don’t use the right tools for it. To be honest initially i started using WordPress for this blog just because i had some brief experience with it few years ago, and my hosting was supporting it out of the box so i looked no further. And boy was i lucky…